Patrick Stump: Episode #7

My brother-in-law Pedro Martinez joins me to talk about a time he exchanged a subtle greeting with Patrick Stump, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Fall Out Boy.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda: Episode #5

Mike Rapin talks about a time he stopped to wait at a light for a crosswalk sort of near Lin-Manuel Miranda in New York.

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George Takei: Episode #4

Joe Dugandzic talks about the time he got to interview the legendary George Takei on his podcast.

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A little back-story on QTalk:

Joe Dugandzic launched QTalk Arizona as a single podcast in the summer of 2010 to create a new voice for the LGBT community of Arizona, and largely replaced Joe’s former and more personal podcast that he started in 2008. Inspired by the variety of shows on TWiT, Joe would transform QTalk into an actual “network” of LGBT-hosted shows on topics ranging from politics to food and wine to, well of course, tech! A dedicated, low-budget but cutting-edge studio was where the shows originated, ultimately moving to live broadcasts including video streaming. QTalk America, as it’s now known, is under the care of local Phoenix LGBT “celebrity” Clayton McKee, producer of his own hilarious namesake show on the network. Check out on Tuesday nights at 7pm Arizona time for a show with four friends, a lot of laughs, and a drink-along game.

An introduction

Thanks for checking out the site of my new podcast! This show will feature stories from people who have met someone famous at some point in their life. Some of these stories may even involve words being spoken with celebrities! I know, it’s thrilling. I’m resisting the urge to type this entire introduction in all caps. Anyway, I’ll have episodes here shortly, so check back again soon!